At VanCity Dog Running we deliver on three healthy living essentials: exercise, stimulation, and stress reduction. Doggy day care may provide the socializing time your pooch needs, but they could still be lacking exercise and mental stimulation.

By running with your dog on leash we create a controlled environment where your dog remains alert and ready to receive commands. We maintain a pace that is comfortable for your dog: fast enough to wear them out but slow enough for them to jog. Your dog receives outdoor time on trails without having to maneuver around busy sidewalks. A tired dog is a relaxed dog: when your dog returns home from either a thirty minute or one hour run theyโ€™re ready for a treat and a nap!

We know you want what's best for your dog, and we treat your best-friend with just as much love! Whether you have a high energy herding dog or a sweet little lap dog - we have a running program designed to keep them healthy and happy for life.