COVID-19 Update June 2020

Like many businesses we took a step back, closed our doors, read countless articles and followed Dr. Bonnie Henry religiously. 

After careful consideration and planning we can safely say we’re back!  (with a limited schedule)

We’ve updated our policies and procedures to better handle the challenges our community is facing during Covid-19. 

  • Our staff are using Health Canada approved hand sanitizer before and after walks and runs (and every moment in between)
  • All our staff wear (adorable) cloth face masks while inside clients’ homes
  • We use our own leashes when walking or running with your dog
  • We are now using easy to clean BioThane leashes
  • We kindly ask that your dog be dressed (collar or harness) and ready to go before we arrive
  • If at all possible, we ask that dogs are waiting outside for us at their scheduled walk or run time
  • Currently, we are NOT transporting dogs in vehicles
  • We are working to find a safe and effective way to clean vehicles between dogs (without bothering their sensitive noses)
  • If any of our staff show flu or cold symptoms we are notifying clients right away so that other arrangements can be made

Stay tuned for more updates!  Please contact us if you have any questions, comments or concerns.